Rachel Gilmore – Example of what’s wrong with Canadian “news”

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Back in March of 2023 you could have found a headline that read “Global News journalist Gilmore laid off”. Why does this matter? Why am I writing about it? As I’ve mentioned before it’s no secret anymore that I am Canadian. While the whole world seems to have gone mad since the COVID scam nowhere does it seem to be worse than in Canada with the Soros puppet Trudeau in charge.

One of the things he did was paid news organizations basically bribe money, to ensure he got good press and they did not stray from the party line. True to their word they marched along in lock step as damn near any thing he felt like trampling was trampled. This was not true of course of independant journalist so many of them are the only place you can get real news these days.

Which brings us to the odd case of Rachel Gilmore, once a huge shill for the corprate world and one that just loved to be part of the “in” crowd as mentioned earlier in March of 23 she was laid off from the corporate gig.

You would assume or hope I guess that someone so in love with the machine and so willing to do it’s bidding day after day would take a second and pause and question why that happened to her? If everything she was doing was with such good intentions and she was only seeking the truth. Why did she and so many others in the mainstream media find themselves without jobs?

It never seemed to dawn on her or many others that the reason those orgs were going bust is that nobody was buying their ultra partisan “reporting” anymore.

This really became a bizzare thing to see after Tucker Carlson struck on his own, Gilmore can’t want to try to trash someone with more talent in his baby finger than she will ever have in her entire body. She is already taking clips of videos out of context and posting them. But in one of her more ironic moves she moaning about how Tucker now plannign to post on Twitter as a main source of getting the word out, isn’t fair for older folks show just don’t know how to use the complicated things like computers.

Beyond that being insutling as a ton of older folks to just fine with computers. Just hasn’t even bothered to wait and see the full scope of what Tucker is planning, does he post to Twitter first, are they starting a new outlet for him, does he also post other places after a defind period of time?

No, no, why would an actual reporter wait for or go get the actual facts. Just play the sky is falling card praying for clicks and hoping in someone to have people give a damn about anything she says.

She is why sites like this and places like Twitter exist. To allow those to speak that want to speak and that ANYONE that wants to hear them or anything else not filtered through big tech are able to do so.

So, thank you Rachel you are proving the very point as to why you and so many others were laid off. Looks like you didn’t learn a thing…..

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