Trudeau is a Liar

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It just struck me that by writing this piece I am kinda admitting publicly that I am Canadian, not that I am generally ashamed of that. Embarrassed as I am by the amazingly full of crap Mr. Trudeau as a general rule, I’ve always had a warm spot for fellow Canadians in general. I will say right up front I am a pure blood, zero chance they were getting me to take that poison unless they were going to tie me down and force me. With every passing day I feel like my thoughts on that are proving to be the smartest thing to have done.

Back to Trudeau, after watching him testify during the commission it struck me how much of a liar he is. I mean I always knew it, and just sort accepted it, like politicians lie, birds fly, fish swim…etc.

This was a whole new level for me. I have never seen anything like it, he lied from one sentence to the next. He lied when there was video proof that he was lying. He clearly has benefitted financially from the whole “pandemic” and anyone with half a brain is able to find that info out online.

This was different to me, he was being asked point blank and not only did he lie but he showed himself for the out of touch spoiled rich kid that many of us always knew he was.

He actually said aloud that people protesting to have public policy changes worried him. Think about that a minute. Really look deep down and see what that means. Okay he wore blackface, I personally don’t care but I know some people do. I care about the fact that he can wear blackface whenever he wants and excuses are made for him, but if someone that is not a fully bought in leftard does it their entire life is ruined.

Plus what about the legal brief prepared by the federal justice department, referred to by Canadian Security and Intelligence Service (CSIS) director David Vigneault in his testimony which Trudeau and his cabinet used to justify invoking the EA. We aren’t allowed to actually see it, we just need to take their word for it. When he can’t lie he hides, it’s sick.

I better stop here, I am getting riled up and feel my face getting flushed… but let me end on a more positive note. Since Trudeau made such a mockery of the whole process, almost every person I’ve come into contact since then have commented on how completely unimpressed they were with his performance. It seems like at least to some degree the veil is being lifted from many people’s eyes, the further we go, the more people are learning about what a farce COVID was and how it was handled they now seem agreeable to opening their eyes to more nonsense the Trudeau government has done….

Perhaps something positive will come of all of this, we know Trudeau will never resign, we know the mainstream media that he has bought and paid for will never question him, but bit by bit it seems regular folks are breaking free from his spell… and that is good enough for me.

Peace out.


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